Practice Help

Tips for Great Practice

Playing an instrument is not something everyone can do – it takes a special person with the willingness to work to master it. It’s important to spend time honing your craft to make you the best musician you can be.

  • Find a place to practice at home. It should be a quiet place with a music stand and chair that allows for good posture (standing works great for posture too!).
  • Warm up carefully. Play a few different scales and work on long tones. Think about how we warm up before rehearsal – deliberately working on a skill you’ll use in your music.
  • Don’t avoid the hard part. Spend some time slowing down a fast run or a big partial jump – use your ears and don’t be afraid to work a small chunk many times to get it down.
  • Memorize in 8-bar chunks. Play a section a few times, turn your stand around and see if you’ve got it! If not, go back and work on a smaller chunk – don’t try to memorize too much at once.
  • Write on your music. If you miss an accidental or dynamic, write it in! The more your write on your music, the more you will remember. Write in your motion during marching season so you know where to start or stop, or which direction to jog your memory. Engage with your music!

Remember that Mr. Gorecki is here to help you, and if you are having trouble with something, find a time to come in and work on it. He will be happy you put forth the effort to work on it rather than giving up!

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